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Diversity and Civility Creative Learning Group (CLG)

 What is the Diversity & Civility CLG?

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Artwork is by the CLG and artist Laurie Marshall.

A creative learning group (CLG) is a small group of talented people with complementary skills and experience who commit to a common purpose, utilize each other's gifts and talents, and hold each other mutually accountable for making things happen. They are involved in a self-managed process of action learning.

The Diversity & Civility CLG is committed to thriving together. The CLG provides support, tools, coaching, mentoring, education, and a safe space for dialogue. Professionals of all ages and backgrounds meet to envision their future on Center, anticipate and respond to changing employee needs and collaborate with each other. The CLG is sponsored by Code 600. Members of all Directorates are welcome.

Dot Zukor, Associate Director for Earth Sciences for Institutional Planning and Development, and Joan Wangler, ICF Master Certified Coach, facilitate and nurture the Diversity and Civility CLG. Members of the CLG are from all directorates.

All are welcome.
Quote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about creative people

A poem written by the Diversity & Civility CLG to describe the essence of what we are learning working together.

What If we all could...
Respect each other and hold
Each moment, each interaction,
Each task, Each vision,
As sacred.
Express deep interest
In each other
And seek more
Meaningful conversations
That surface and connect
Our words with our lives.
We listen, appreciate, respect
In a family circle
Infused with fun and curiosity.
We engage in
Real conversations with colleagues
Who are safe and have your back.
We speak with honesty and sincerity
And share without fear
Of being judged.
We are Inclusive,
Listening to what is said
Without interruption,
Accepting differences
Thinking and working
As a Team
For the better of the Mission
And not only individual goals.
The goings-on in our group
Live in our stories
Exploring what it means to be safe
(Actually safe) rather than just a feeling
Providing the pen you need
At the right moment
With honesty and sincerity.
We are a family at work
Respecting each other
Trusting, collaborating, exploring
Learning from each other's
Successes and failures
We are Goddard's Diversity & Civility Creative Learning Group

 Are you a good candidate for the Diversity & Civility CLG?

You possess a:

  • Desire to be part of a diverse community who model respect and inclusion
  • Focus on happiness, well-being and resilience
  • Commitment to cultivating emotional intelligence
  • Passion for coaching and mentoring
  • Appreciation of using both head and heart when making decisions
  • Willingness to pause and reflect
  • Passion for experiential learning
  • Openness to ideas other than your own
  • Willingness to be introspective
  • Courage to admit when you are stuck
  • Strength to ask for and give support
  • Enjoyment in meeting leaders from across the Center
Interested? Contact Joan Wangler at

 How will the CLG help you and support Goddard's mission?

Joe Hunter and Heidi Dewan, Sanctuary

For Joe Hunter and Heidi Dewan, this group has provided a sanctuary for them personally, a place to share work successes and challenges, to be inspired, to relieve stress, to solve interpersonal problems, to witness and practice facilitation, but its benefits are more far reaching. Joe says, "I have become more aware of personal development topics, coworkers approach me for support. I listen to their issues so that they can go back to their work refreshed. As a result of working this way, I'm considering becoming a coach." Heidi is already a coach on Center. "My coaching has improved as a result of my involvement with this group. There are other coaches, counselors and mentors in this group who receive similar inspiration and support; inspiration that they can transfer to those GSFC employees that we work with. It is important that they also have resources and support to enhance the work they do for GSFC employees."

Shavondalyn Givens, A Natural Extension of LDEM and Leadership Alchemy

"The Diversity and Civility CLG is a great way to continue your leadership learning. It allows dedicated time to focus on my leadership learning and continue to reinforce many of the concepts and theories from LDEM. I appreciate engaging with other leaders (both formal and influence leaders) from across the Center who I wouldn't come in contact with during my normal job duties. The community of participants is positive and enthusiastic and the topics are thought provoking, insightful and highly applicable for work and life outside of the gates. Every time I attend I walk away more engaged for the rest of the day and always happy that I made the time to attend."

Gail S. Williams, Emeritus-Contribution to Goddards Mission

"If you are interested in learning about yourself and how to enhance your contribution to Goddard's mission, think about participating in the CLG facilitated by Joan Wangler and Dot Zukor. The rewards are many and they far exceed the amount of effort required to design, deliver, and participate in CLG conversations."